Enjoy The Vibrant Christmas Music Of Curaçao!

Enjoy The Vibrant Christmas Music Of Curaçao!

In addition to all of the delicious dishes that come out of the kitchen during Christmas time in Curaçao, the streets are also slathered with the Christmas spirit and it’s not just decorations. Christmas music fills the air and in Curaçao it gets a special spin.

For in Curaçao there are music genres that get played specifically for the end of year festivities.  These are Aguinaldos, Gaita and Tambú.

Aguinaldos and Gaita are genres of Christmas music which Curaçao inherited from Venezuela. They are played with typical instruments such as the cuatro (a small four-string guitar), maracas, guitar, gaita flute, tambourine and drums. They are played at different gatherings and parties throughout the month of December.

While Aguinaldos and Gaita originate from Venezuela, Tambú is a genre created in Curaçao. It is also played with typical instruments, which are the African drum titled Tambú and the Chapi (the blade of a garden hoe). It was created by the African slaves to vent their woes during the time of slavery on the island. Nowadays its topics can range from gossip to a critique of societal issues. You can hear this genre being played at different gatherings and parties as well in the month of December.

So keep an ear out for these musical celebrations during this holiday season. They are sure to add to the reasons why Curaçao is a dushi island.