New Year’s In Curaçao – The Most Exciting Time Of The Year

New Year’s In Curaçao – The Most Exciting Time Of The Year

The end of the year period in Curaçao is truly a wonderful time and the wonders continue to reign in the final week of the year as the people get ready to bring in the new year. The island’s New Year’s Eve traditions are spectacles of their own.

There’s nothing as exciting as the end of the year in Curaçao. All the Curaçaoans who have returned from abroad to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with their family and friends crowd the streets along with the Curaçaoans who live on the island, to watch the plentiful firework shows.

From December 27th onward daily firework shows take place in different areas and the streets get closed off for the spectacle. The shows become great places for people to meet and they are one of the many social happenings of this time of year. As the firework shows start, people of all ages delight in the beauty of what they see in the sky.

After December 27th you can also find pop-up firework shops across the island where everyone older than 12 years of age can buy fireworks. At the shops you can find everything from small (relatively) harmless fireworks for small children to the bigger more dangerous ones for the older daredevils. Naturally, parents always keep a close watch on their children during this time as well.

Many companies and organizations also organize ‘pagara’ (big firecrackers on an extremely long string) events in many spots on the island in the days leading up to and during the day of New Year’s Eve. These are also social happenings as many people come out to meet up. It leaves quite a mess but it has become unthinkable to experience end of year festivities without them.

And then comes the countdown to the New Year on New Year’s Eve. This is a monumental occurrence in countries around the world and Curaçao is no exception. The island’s biggest celebrations take place in Punda and Otrobanda, on the Brionplein (Brion square) and on the Emma bridge. During the celebrations the square and bridge are filled to the brim with people, as local bands play and families enjoy their homemade foods and drinks they brought with them.

When the clock strikes midnight, fireworks fill up the sky from all sides as the tugboats honk. This lasts about 40 minutes and it is truly a marvel to behold. Tourists who have experienced it have compared it to being on Times Square in New York City when the ball drops at the stroke of midnight.

We are very blessed to have these traditions on our beautiful island during this beautiful time of year.  And we are truly blessed to be able to call this dushi island our dushi home all year round. Bon aña –  Happy new year!